Welsh Congregational Church of Richville, New York

The Welsh Congregational Church was organized in the spring of 1858. Religious services were held in the Welsh language prior to that date. The first Welshman to settle in this community was James Griffis in June of 1849. James Griffis, his wife and four children came here from Bettws Efan, Cardiganshire County, Wales, and were soon followed by other families from that part of the principality.

Note: Over the last two years, I have been researching the genealogy, of the pioneers located on the tablet installed at the right front of the church (see above), shown below, and have been trying to locate were each family lived in Wales before emigrating to America. The results of that effort are provided in the links shown below.

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This tablet erected to commemorate the establishment of the Richville Welsh Congregational Church in 1858 and the erection of this building in 1859 also the migration of the first Welsh settlers.
Ministers who have served as pastors:
Rev. Thomas Rees               Rev. Thomas T. Davies        Rev. John Williams
1858 - 1864 1889 - 1893 1902 - 1903

Rev. David Jones Rev. John Rosser Jones Rev. J.T. Griffiths
1865 - 1886 1894 - 1898 1904 - 1908
Rev. George M. Rees
Rev. Richard M. Jones Rev. David L. Williams
1887 - 1889 1896 - 1897 1908 - 1915
Rev. Lewis E. Lewis Rev. Griffith Evans
1897 - 1902 1915 - 1919
Early Settlers who came to Richville:

James & Ann Griffis Evan Griffis

John & Mary Davies Joshua & Jane Davies Enoch P. & Jane Griffiths
Evan Jones Thomas & Elizabeth Jones Thomas P. & Mary Griffiths
Benjamin & Margaret Jones David & Ann Davies John & Margaret Davies
David & Mary Thomas Rev. Thomas & Jane Rees Griffith E. Davies
Ebenezer & Esther Griffiths James & Eleanor Jones David James
Thomas & Hannah Rees David & Axah Thomas Mary Jones Ethridge

Evan & Ann Jones Joseph & Ann Rowland Robert W. Jones

Evan & Sarah Davies David E. & Sarah Davies Mary Lewis T. Brython & Mary Davies
John Thomas Sr. John & Sarah Jenkins David Lewis David & Mary Griffiths
Margaret Davies Margaret James Mary Davies David D.& Margaret Davies

Rev. David & Elizabeth Jones Joshua & Hannah Jones Sarah Evans
And Later

John & Mary Jones Henry & Hannah Jones Erasmus & Ann Jones
Mary Jenkins Elias & Mary Davies Evan & Jane Davies
Thomas & Jane Williams Thomas & Hannah Davies
Church built in 1859 by Ebenezer Griffiths. Church renovated in 1925
by his grandson Webster E. Griffiths. Tablet placed in 1926.