Military Records

Military records, including bounty land and pension records, can add much to genealogy and family history. Your ancester may have served in the Revolutionary War, qualifiying you for the DAR or SAR, in the War of 1812, the Civil War, some other Pre-20th Century War, or in one of the 20th Century wars or Conficts: WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, or simply served in the military during one of those periods. 

In any case, their military record can provide valuable information about them.  It may include a physical description, where they lived at the time of enlistment, and a record of battles they were in. One never knows when there may be more details of their activities in the military. 

Pension records, of course tend to provide more family information, but usually not of parents or siblings, but rather of spouses and children. 

Links to Hereditary, Fraternal, & Patriotic Organizations, including military-connected, such as Sons of Union Veterans, etc.

The Queries, Etc. page provides a link to, and explanation of, the Message Boards which are available for posting [and reading others? postings] of such types of information as Bible, Biography, Birth, Cemetery, Census, Death, Deed, Immigration, Lookup,  Marriage, Military, Obituary, Pension, Queries, Wills.


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