Town clerks' registers of men who served in the Civil War, ca. 1865-1867.

Microfilm of original records at New York State Archives and Records Administration, Albany, New York. Records consist of bound registers containing printed forms handwritten by town clerks throughout New York State of all soldiers and officers who composed the town quotas of the troops furnished to the United States during the Civil War. Registers are arranged alphabetically by name of county, then alphabetically by name of town. Includes individual's full name, residence, date and place of birth (not completed in all instances), present rank, regiment and company, date of enlistment, date of muster and rank, length of enlistment, place of enlistment, race, amount of bounty paid by town or county if disbursed by supervisor, marital status, previous occupation, parents' names (not completed in all instances), dates of promotions, resignations, discharges, and death (not completed in all instances).

I have ONLY transcribed the names of soldiers whose parents are given, and only transcribed the following information. Most of the names had parents given.  An 'x' means information not given


LDS microfilm #1993428

Pitcairn, NY


Pg Last Name First Name Yr born Place Born Father Mother first Mother Last
20 Ackerman Stephen Allen 1845 Pitcairn NY John Maria Walter
22 Austin James 1828 Mapilon Ohio Isaac Theodore Chancller
10 Cartter Volney Morse 1828 Champlain Jeff Co NY Nathan Austin Hannah Thompson
16 Casey Henry 1843 Watertown NY Michael Mary Maginnis
18 Casey Michael Jr 1845 Watertown NY Michael Mary Maginnis
8 Casey Thomas 1842 Watertown NY Michael Mary Ma?nnis
8 Chadwidk Ira Orzillous 1834 Madrid NY William Riley Nancy Abernathy
14 Cooper Allen Cromwell 1840 Philadelphia NY Allen Lydia Baker
16 Crozin Willard 1843 x Monroe Ruth Pierce
18 DeRosier joseph 1845 Clayton NY Levi Catharine Blan
20 DeRosies Lewis 1842 Clayton NY Levi Cathatine Blan
12 Dike Abraham Cummings 1814 Leroy NY Vivace Alice Cummings
12 Dike Noah 1840 Diana NY Abraham Cummings Amanda North
20 Durham Joel Sewall 1846 Hermon NY David Malden Alminer Fairbanks
18 Durham William Blevin 1827 x Richard Julia Hand
22 Elliott Andrew 1837 Penetleton NY Wm Sterling Anne Joslin
4 Fenton Charles Hutchinson 1827 x John Susan Sykes
10 Geer Aaron 1834 Pitcairn NY Aaron Martha Burdich
6 Geer William Albert 1834 Richard Slocum Irena Granger
6 Gleason Ephraim Willard 1832 Canton NY Levi Wheeler Eliza Rizla Dieh?son
10 Gleason George Meyron 1829 Pitcairn NY Levi Wheeler Eliza Rizla Diekenson
6 Hall Charles 1835 Madrid NY Benjamin Barbary Whitford
14 Harrington Welcome Calvin 1844 Wilna NY Calvin Luther Muranda Johnson
22 Harris Charles 1829 Vienna Oneida Co NY Hiram Mahuha Genett Draper
10 Harris Henry 1844 Edwards St Lawrence Co Hiram Mahala Draper
12 Henderson Bernard John 182? Hunlton NY Joseph Sarah x
12 Henderson Samuel Francis 1835 Ogdensburgh NY Joseph Sarah x
16 Herriman Walter Adney 1843 Hopkinton NY John Mary x
14 Hoitsman Isaac 1841 Rupert Canada West William Margurett Dercy
16 Homer Glibet C 1829 Fowler William Permelia Betts
6 Hosmer Leumas 1826 Ohio Herkimer Co NY Charles Cyntha Peabody
4 Johnson John Porter 1843 Colchester Vt John Starks Philura Nutting
4 Johnson Thomas Porter 1831 Colchester Vt John Abigail Bates
18 Jones Henry Sterling 1828 Rutland NY Joshua Susanna Jones
12 Jonson John 1833 Canada John Olive x
24 LaFleur John ca 50 yrs x John Eliza Boprey
18 LaFleur John Jr 1844 Kingston Canada John Mary Lattimer
8 Lamphear Edwin 1840 x Joseph H Nancy McFarland
22 Lanphear Ephraim Augustus 1828 Pitcairn NY Joseph H Nancy McFarland
4 Lanphear Vincent 1823 Lewis Rachel Delong
12 Lawton John 1826 Isaac Susanna Hall
12 Lawton William 1837 Isaac Susanna Hall
10 Lea Platney Olevira 1837 Newchatel Switzerland Peter Luke Ellan Vollichard
22 Leonard Alonzo Smith 1840 Edwards NY Isaac Woodruff Emiline Draper
18 Luther Byron Michael 1844 Canada Martin Cecelia Stewart
18 Luther Martin Jr 1846 Canada Martin Cecelia Stewart
14 M?nich Jacob Teverly 1832 Leroy NY John Elias Rhoda Prindle
10 Manchester Gordon Spencer 1844 x Osee Flavelta Kelly
4 Martin Francis ca 30 yrs x John Mary Thistle
8 McAllaster Jesse 1840 Antwetp NY Isaac Elizabeth Ann Benson
14 McAllaster Wm Henry 1844 Antwerp NY Iaue Elizabeth Ann Benson
4 McDaniels John Brooks 1842 Pitcairn NY Seba Graves Mary Stone
18 McDaniels Joseph Wheeler 1846 Pitcairn, NY Seta Graves Mary Stone
20 McDaniels Martin Luther 1834 Pitcairn, NY Seba Graces Mary Stone
18 McDaniels Seta Jason 1842 Pitcairn, NY Seta Graves Mary Stone
22 Miller John Jr 1832 x John Jane King
6 Minick Alexander Prindle 1822 Leroy Jeff Co NY John Elias Rhoda Prindle
22 North Albert 1836 Diana NY Ira Lydia Woodward
22 North Noah 1840 Diania Ira Lydia Woodward
20 Pangturn Henry 1829 Hammond NY George Phebe Fuergurson
4 Peabody Franklin Ellis 1837 Ohio Herkimer Co NY Isaac Blake Sally Lavinnia Thompkins
6 Rose Edward 1842 Canton NY Martin Eliza McMannis
16 Rose Warren x x Martin Eliza McMannis
14 Sawyer Peter 1840 Brownville NY Daniel Sylvia Hooper
20 Shipman Andrew William 1829 Fowler NY Adolphus Wealthy Arnold
22 Shipman Gardner Ira 1832 Pitcairn NY Adolphus Wealthy Arnold
14 Siver Camus Wellington 1844 Pitcairn NY George Henry Eliza Ann Ostrander
14 Siver John Henry 1839 Brownville NY George Henry Eliza Ann Ostrander
14 Siver Wm Wesley 1842 Black River NY George Henry Eliza Ann Ostrander
4 Snow Francis Lucius 1810 Wallpole NH Francis Nancy Nichols
20 Streeter Edgar William 1835 Canton NY Reubin Amorilla Dyer
8 Streeter James 1839 Canton NY Reuben Amorilla Dyer
16 Streeter Reuben 1837 Canton NY Reuben Amorilla Dyer
20 Streeter Wm Henry 1825 Antwerp James Margurett Fults
10 Titus Sylvenus Jennison 1808 Stillwater NY James Polly Jenison
4 Toothucker Samuel Allen 1821 Hyde Park Vt Allen Sally Stoper
20 Toy Edward Henry 1837 Floyd Oneida Co NY James Rachel Elizabeth Bodman
20 Toy James Jr 1845 Floyd Oneida Co NY James Rachel Elizabeth Bodman
22 Vroman Elihue Stewart 1824 Denmark NY William Agnes Stewart
12 Wells Constant Jr 1826 Pitcairn NY Constant Betsy Ann White
16 Wells Dexter 1832 Pitcairn NY Constant Betsy Ann White
10 Wells Joel White 1840 Pitcairn NY Constance Betsy Ann White
6 Wells Simeon 1824 x Dexter Dolly Ingalls


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