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Deremo Hotel. [contriuted by an anonymous Deremo researcher] ?William Edson Deremo built the Deremo Hotel at Cranberry Lake, N.Y. The hotel burned down in 1907 but Deremo Point is still there. Kathy's husband's parents own a cottage on Cranberry Lake that is adjacent to Deremo Point so talk about a small world!!!! I can't remember exactly when it was, but Ken, his brother George and wife Joan, and I went to Cranberry Lake. We rented a boat and the man took us over to Deremo Point. It's a beautiful spot. There was a little bar/motel on the "mainland" & we were in the bar talking about the Deremo's when Ken glanced down and under the plastic on the bar was a photo of the Deremo Hotel (and no, the bartender wasn't agreeable to Ken cutting the photo out). I think Kathy mentioned the other night the bar isn't there any longer but whether it's closed or has been torn down, I'm not sure.?



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