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  • DeKalb Historical Association. The web page has indexes to many of the resources in our extensive collection . Volunteers have spent over 6 years creating these indexes. They include such thing as the 1851 militia role for the town of DeKalb. All of the town meeting record books from 1806 to 2006. (Did you know Asa Sprague was elected overseerer of highways in 1813 and constable and collector in 1814?) And a multitude of census records, church records, land surveys and local scrapbooks.
  • A search engine is included on the page to search through the indexed records. These are only the tip of what we have in our town archives. The records are available for free public perusal Wednesdays 11:00 to 3:00 PM and Thursdays 4:00 to 7:00 PM. Self service copies are 25 cents.

    Copy inquires are answered via mail for 1$ per page, which just covers postage and copying.

    Includes e-mail links to historian and assistant historian.

  • Cross, Record of marriages" by Rev. Gorham Cross, Richville, NY
  • Richville Civil War Dead
  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps -- Libraries located in. Includes DeKalb Jct. 1914, revised 1927.
  • Welsh families of Richville, compiled by Lance Gillette. Includes the surnames Davies, Ethridge, Evans, Griffis, Griffiths, James, Jenkins, Jones, Lewis, Rees, Rowland, Thomas, Williams. Lance has been esearching the genealogy,
    of the pioneers located on the tablet at the old Welsh church at Richville, and trying to locate where each family lived in Wales before emigrating to America. His results to date are presented here.
  • LDS MICROFILMS The LDS Microfilms page provides listings of microfilms covering St. Lawrence county, which are available at LDS Family History Centers.
    • 1892 census, LDS film #1310660, item 6
    • vital stats: birth, marriage, death 1881-1907, LDS film #1311929 item 3
    • Dekalb Jctn Church Rec, 1st Presbyterian Church, 1840-1898 (bap 1879-7, deaths 1880-7), LDS film #503541 item 2-3
    • St. Henry's Church, 1896-1899, LDS film #1304692, item 7
  • Rosanne M Holt (This email address no longer valid) will do look ups for the following:
    • Old Dekalb Cemetery
    • Union/Risley Cemetery
    • St. Henry's Cemetery
    • Kendrew Cemetery
    • East Dekalb Cemetery
    • Maple Grove Cemetery (Richville)
    • Wayside Cemetery (Richville)
  • Charles Small's 1939 Diary of the Gouverneur - Richville Area. The following paragraph from the transcriber and contributor, Bill Woodward, describes what this document is:
    • About two years ago I transcribed a Diary that was given to my father in Heuvelton by neighbors who found it in a box lot at Peck's Auction. It was written by a man named Charles Small who lived near my Grandparents between Richville and Gouverneur in 1939. My Dad and his parents were living on the Barber Farm at the time. It was a very interesting year for the neighborhood and Mr Small who was about 70 at the time chronicled a lot of both national and neighborhood events. It was especially eventful for my family, they had a two headed calf, the haywagon was hit by a speeding car and sadly my Uncle Charles (Bun) Woodward drowned at age 22 in the Oswegatchie River. Mr Small talks about neighbors in about a 5 mile radius and about merchants, preachers and passerbys.

  • Link to a Roster of Officials including Historian and Town & Village Clerks.  Click on Departments, then scroll down the page.
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