Town of Gouverneur

  • Gouverneur Centennial History A history of Gouverneur and surrounding towns published in 1905, including many biographical sketches. [INDEX ONLY]
  • Gouverneur Methodist Church records.  Russ Sprague has taken on another huge project [he previously did the Gouverneur Herald births, deaths, and marriages]. While it is not yet complete (probably a couple of more years to complete, according to Russ), there are hundreds of names now on the site. Many of the records are from the early 1880's which are not always easy to document since the 1890 federal census was lost to fire and reliable county records (births, marriages, deaths) were not kept until the late 1880's, or later.
  • Anne Cady's cemetery inventories
  • Births, Deaths, Marriages Recorded in the Gouverneur Herald This is a word-for-word transcription of the original scrapbook of clippings [Which covers much more of the county than just the Gouverneur area.]
  • Town Clerk's Civil War Records. Parents are shown in many of these records, and those that do have been transcribed by Mabry Benson
  • Welsh families of Richville, compiled by Lance Gillette. Includes the surnames Davies, Ethridge, Evans, Griffis, Griffiths, James, Jenkins, Jones, Lewis, Rees, Rowland, Thomas, Williams, some of whom later lived in Gouverneur.
  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps -- Libraries located in. Includes Gouverneur (including Hailesboro) 1927, revised 1941.
  • Charles Small's 1939 Diary of the Gouverneur - Richville Area. The following paragraph from the transcriber and contributor, Bill Woodward, describes what this document is:
    • About two years ago I transcribed a Diary that was given to my father in Heuvelton by neighbors who found it in a box lot at Peck's Auction. It was written by a man named Charles Small who lived near my Grandparents between Richville and Gouverneur in 1939. My Dad and his parents were living on the Barber Farm at the time. It was a very interesting year for the neighborhood and Mr Small who was about 70 at the time chronicled a lot of both national and neighborhood events. It was especially eventful for my family, they had a two headed calf, the haywagon was hit by a speeding car and sadly my Uncle Charles (Bun) Woodward drowned at age 22 in the Oswegatchie River. Mr Small talks about neighbors in about a 5 mile radius and about merchants, preachers and passerbys.

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