Town of Ogdensburg

  • Link to Ogdensburg's own site, or the 'Official Site'.
  • Como and Ashley Families and pictures of Ogdensburg
  • Ogdensburg Public Library 312 Washington St., Ogdensburg 13669; contains a good genealogical collection
  • Town Clerk's Civil War Records. Parents are shown in many of these records, and those that do have been transcribed by Mabry Benson
  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps -- Libraries located in. Includes Ogdensburg 1925, revised 1943.
  • Arthur Bordine (This email link is no longer valid). Notredame Cemetery and church records ARTHUR LOUIS BORDINE Ogdensburg (Saint Lawrence County)
    • Marriages of Notre Dame Church 1859-1915
    • Burial & Cemetery Records of Notre Dame Church 1859-1920
    • Burials of the Ogdensburg cemetery
    • Burials of the Silas Wright Cemetery of Canton New York
    • Burials of the Anse Zophen Cemetery of Ogdensburg New York
  • Link to a Roster of Officials including City Clerk. Click on Government.
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