Town of Oswegatchie

  • Anne Cady's cemetery inventories
  • Town Clerk's Civil War Records. Parents are shown in many of these records, and those that do have been transcribed by Mabry Benson
  • List of contributors to the Minister's salary during 1869 for the 2nd Presbyterian Church inOswegatchie
  • LDS MICROFILMS The LDS Microfilms page provides listings of microfilms covering St. Lawrence county, which are available at LDS Family History Centers.
    • Heuvelton / Oswegatchie (Hillcrest) cemetery, LDS film #1276157
    • 1st Presb. Church 1855-1909 (orig. 1st Congregregational Church of Heuvelton), LDS film #1310911, item 2
    • Oswegatchie Vital Rec 1881-1915, LDS film 1311929, item 2
  • Link to a Roster of Officials including local Historian, and  Town & Village Clerks. Click on Departments.
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