Town of Waddington

  • Donnelly, Gorman, Graham, formerly of Madrid and Waddington
  • Jane Layo This email link is no longer valid) Waddington historian will do lookups for cemeteries in Waddington. She keeps up the inventory every year and probably has the most up to date information and is willing to do research (charge only for professional researchers who are doing research for a price). Jane will also answer other questions pertaining to Waddington.
  • Jane Layo (This email link is no longer valid) also has the complete inventory of cemeteries moved during the St. Lawrence Seaway Construction. These involve cemeteries in Massena, Louisville and Waddington. In addition she has the complete listing of cemeteries moved on the Canadian side and is willing to do research on both of these (conditions the same as Waddington research). She is planning to have the 19 cemeteries moved during the Seaway on the U. S. side made into a publication much the same as she has for the Canadian cemeteries moved during this time.
  • The Moore Museum in Waddington has many historical and genelogical resources.
  • Link to a Roster of Officials including Town & Village Clerks.  Click on Government.
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